Hello World is a blog which provides extra programming information based from the owner's programming experience.

Getting source codes and ideas for your programming courses are found for free. Once you use those said information, please credit the site back as a respect on the owner's hardwork in generating the said codes as well as the diligence in posting it online for free public viewing.

This blog site is fully owned by the owner, without any co-writers. Updates may not be regularly posted due to the owner's busy schedule. Furthermore, any blog post which doesn't match the main thought of the site can be posted (such as blog advertisements and sister sites) only by the responsibility of the owner just as decisions are made by the owner's discretion, whether to change the domain name, to sell it or to shut it down.

Once you click a link from one the internet advertisers and purchase their product, we do not take any responsibilities in dealing with you and the advertiser's business. You will be held responsible for whatever purchase you have made, not us.

Feedback is deeply welcomed through the comments and the feedback form. Questions and clarifications are also accepted once you find a single blog post confusing. It is prohibited to send spam e-mails and comments against the site and/or against anyone who had posted their insights.

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