About Me

  • Name: <!---Hidden Info---!>
  • Birthday: February 14, 1993
  • Gender: Female
  • part time blogger
  • full time student
  • full time daughter
  • full time sister
  • laughing out loud HAHAHA
Hi! I figured out a couple of years ago that God has given me my writing skills. Since then, I started making lyrics and poetry. Some are kept in one of the pages of my compositions notebook, while some are stored in my brain cells and unwritten in actual paper.

I love to draw. Sometimes, I doodle around my College binder (even in my high school) as well as my everyday tickler everytime I find discussions or group reports dull.

I love music. I make my own music. I create my own style based on my favorite musical styles and the different genres I listen to.

One of my goals in life is to finish college. My dream job is in Google.

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